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Maxim Partners

We offer portfolio management services to individuals, pension and profit sharing plans, trusts, estates, charitable organizations, endowments, foundations, corporations, investment advisors, hedge funds and private funds. We actively manage portfolios with a fiduciary standard, which means we act in the utmost good faith, perform in a manner believed to be in the best interest of our clients and have a responsibility to put client interests above ours.

We are an independent firm and do not sell any of our own financial products or third-party products such as mutual funds, annuities or insurance. Our firm’s only investment advisory revenue comes from the fee we charge clients to manage client portfolios.

Maxim Partners is an investment advisor registered with the Commissioner of Financial Institutions of Puerto Rico and the New Jersey Bureau of Securities and is subject to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission Investment Advisers Act of 1940. In addition, all of our investment advisor representatives are registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and have passed the Series 65, Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination.

Investment Approach

Our investment strategies and specific approach vary depending on each client’s financial situation. As such, we determine investments and allocations based upon your predefined objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, financial horizon, financial information, liquidity needs, and other various suitability factors.

We utilize the following key principals to provide high quality investment management services:

  • We believe protecting client assets is paramount. We try to cut losses before they can make a significant impact on account values. As a result, there may be times when accounts are partially or entirely in cash or cash-equivalent securities.
  • We believe in active account management. Since markets, industries, companies, technology and government regulations change frequently, we do not use a passive buy-and-hold strategy. We actively monitor each position and make frequent portfolio adjustments.
  • We believe in using fundamental analysis to select investments and in using technical analysis to help determine when to purchase and sell each investment.
  • We believe in providing our clients with complete transparency. Every client has accounts in their own name at a third-party custodian. Clients can log into their account anytime and see their real-time cash balance, securities owned, transactions, fees and investment results.

How we work

Every client has a dedicated financial advisor. The advisor helps you engage our services, setup your brokerage account and answers any questions you might have. Clients complete an investment advisor agreement which authorizes us as to buy and sell investments on their behalf and then open their own brokerage accounts at Interactive Brokers, LLC. Interactive Brokers is an unaffiliated custodian that is a FINRA member, SIPC member and an SEC-registered broker/dealer. They are a publicly traded company with $5 billion in corporate assets and more than 330,000 client accounts.

At the inception of each client relationship, we gather relevant information such as your investment objectives, risk tolerance and financial profile. After review and evaluation, we may recommend one of our three portfolio strategies to you. Once a portfolio is constructed, we provide continuous supervision and re-balance as changes in market conditions and client circumstances occur. In most cases, the portfolio recommended to you will follow an investment strategy that is not custom tailored. Investments made in your account are designed to achieve the portfolio objectives agreed upon and will often be the same investments made for other clients with similar objectives.

We typically invest in common stock, preferred stock, exchange traded funds, closed-end funds, bonds and other securities. As we strive to achieve your portfolio objective, there may be times when a client account is partially or entirely in all-cash or cash-equivalent positions. Once your portfolio is constructed, we provide continuous supervision and re-balance your portfolio as changes in market conditions and client circumstances occur.

All client accounts are managed with discretionary authority, which allows us to implement investment strategies and trading decisions, including deciding which securities and the amount of securities to be purchased or sold, without the clients prior approval for each transaction.

To establish a relationship, we require a minimum of $250,000 in assets in account(s) we manage for an asset-based fee, or a minimum of $1,000,000 in assets in account(s) that we manage for a performance-based fee.

Portfolio Strategies

Opportunistic Income.

Client’s primary goal is to have a portfolio that produces current income higher than risk-free rates of return. Client hopes to achieve this by investing primarily in income-producing investments of all grades, while recognizing and accepting the increased risks and fluctuations associated with investments of this type.

We regularly evaluate the risk of each investment position against the income it produces. Accounts are managed opportunistically such that we may liquidate any investment when we believe the risk of loss outweighs the projected investment income.

Opportunistic Growth.

Client’s primary goal is to have a portfolio that increases in value over time. Client hopes to achieve this by investing primarily in equities or exchange traded funds, which produce little or no current income, while recognizing and accepting the increased risks and fluctuations associated with investments of this type.

Accounts are managed opportunistically such that we may liquidate any investment when we believe the risk of loss outweighs the projected capital appreciation or investment income. Sales proceeds are retained in cash or cash-equivalents until reinvested.

Aggressive Growth.

Client’s goal is to have a portfolio that increases significantly in value over time. Client is prepared to take substantial risk to achieve his investment goal, is not concerned with the level of fluctuation in portfolio value, has no need to receive current income from investments and is willing to endure significant losses. We typically invest in common stock and exchange traded funds. We use margin and short transactions. Aggressive Growth is only available to clients for whom we manage more than $1 million in assets.

Portfolio Management

Client accounts are managed by Joel Arberman who is our founder, chief investment officer, chief compliance officer and registered investment advisor representative. Mr. Arberman has more than twenty years of experience as an analyst for two money management firms, partner of an investment banking firm, management consultant and entrepreneur.

Selected accomplishments include:

First Investors Management Corporation. Mr. Arberman was responsible for evaluating investment grade corporate bonds for portfolio managers with more than $500 million in assets under management.

SunAmerica Asset Management. Mr. Arberman was an equity analyst where he was responsible for evaluating small to medium capitalization equities for portfolio managers with more than $2 billion in assets under management. He conducted proprietary research and analysis aimed at identifying undervalued companies.

Yorkton Securities. Mr. Arberman was recruited by Yorkton Securities, a $240 million revenue investment banking firm with more than 700 employees based in Toronto, Canada. At 23 years old, he became the youngest partner and a sell-side research analyst. Mr. Arberman provided investment advice to institutional investors including mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds, insurance companies and private equity firms and was ranked by institutional investors as one of the top technology analysts in Canada.

He also evaluated private and public companies to generate corporate finance and merger/acquisition opportunities. He played a central role in nine financing transactions which provided more than $180 million of investment capital and generated more than $20 million in investment banking revenue. As a research analyst, he issued long and short investment recommendations; 90% of the recommendations were profitable.

Public Financial Services. Mr. Arberman founded a financial consulting firm and advised ten companies through the legal, accounting and regulatory processes to become publicly traded in the United States.

Entrepreneur. Founded or co-founded companies involved in residential mortgage brokerage, agriculture, software, fuel additives, auto sales and finance, real estate investments, marketing and management consulting.

Speaking Engagements. Mr. Arberman has been a guest speaker at the Internet World conference, Business Week television show, Launch Funding Network conference, The Minority Business Enterprise Center Financial Roundtable Forum at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and hosted the first Internet conference through Canada, France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Media Interviews. Mr. Arberman has been interviewed in a number of financial and technology articles, receiving citations in the: Financial Post, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Exchange Magazine, Net Innovations, Inter@ctive Week, The Financial Post Magazine, Canadian Business Technology, Bloomberg News, Reuters, Dow Jones, The Advocate, Business GEOgraphic and Brownfield News & Sustainable Development.

Our Process

Introductory phone call or meeting

In our initial phone call or meeting, we learn more about each other to determine whether we like each other and can work together.  We provide a detailed overview to our firm, how we work, our investment philosophy, fees and provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. Upon completion of our call or meeting, we can provide you with our investment advisory agreement, client questionnaire and regulatory disclosures contained in our firm brochure if you would like to read them. Additionally, we offer a complimentary review of any brokerage accounts you currently have. The review includes our opinion regarding the individual securities owned, asset allocation and risk management. There is absolutely no cost or obligation to this offer.

Engagement phone call

During our engagement phone call, you will have an opportunity to ask any questions about the investment advisory agreement, client questionnaire and regulatory disclosures. Should you decide to engage our services, you would forward the completed investment advisory agreement and client questionnaire to us. Shortly thereafter, you will receive an invitation through Interactive Brokers to open your account.

Open and fund your Interactive Brokers account

Once you complete the online application, you can either fund your account electronically or transfer any account you have with another custodian. The process to open an account typically takes about 30 minutes. Receipt of funding or the transfer of securities can take up to two weeks.

Portfolio creation and management

When your account is funded and any securities have been transferred, we create an initial portfolio based on our discussions of your investment objectives, risk tolerance and financial condition. On an ongoing basis, we actively manage your portfolio in an effort to achieve your long-term investment objectives.

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