How We Work


At the commencement of the client relationship, each client completes a questionnaire, which sets forth their investment objectives, tolerance for risk, desired investment strategy and any investment restrictions or guidelines that will be applicable to our management of the assets in the client’s account.

Prior to the execution of our investment advisory agreement, we review the completed client questionnaire to determine (i) whether our investment philosophy and strategies could satisfy the prospective client, (ii) whether we would have sufficient discretion to invest the client’s assets and (iii) which of our investment strategies would be most suitable.

In most cases, the investment strategy recommended to a client is not custom tailored. Investments made in a client’s account are designed to achieve the portfolio objectives agreed upon and will generally be the same investments made for other clients with similar objectives. However, we may modify our investment strategies applied to portfolios to accommodate the investment objectives, restrictions and guidelines requested by a client.

After the investment advisory agreement is executed, clients are invited to open their own brokerage account at Interactive Brokers, LLC. Interactive Brokers is an unaffiliated custodian that is a FINRA member, SIPC member and an SEC-registered broker/dealer. They are a publicly traded company with a market value of approximately $25 billion and consolidated equity capital of more than $6 billion.

Once your brokerage account is funded, we construct your portfolio, provide continuous supervision and re-balance your portfolio as changes in market conditions and client circumstances occur.

All client accounts are managed with discretionary authority. Discretionary authorization allows us to determine the specific securities, the amount of securities to be purchased or sold for your account and the timing of each purchase and sale, without your prior approval to each transaction.