Portfolio Management


Our investment strategies and specific approach vary depending on each client’s financial situation. As such, we determine investments and allocations based upon your predefined objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, financial horizon, financial information, liquidity needs, and other various suitability factors. Investments are researched, analyzed and managed by Joel Arberman, who is our founder and chief investment officer. Mr. Arberman has more than twenty years of experience as an analyst for two money management firms, partner of an investment banking firm, management consultant and entrepreneur.

Mr. Arberman has been a guest speaker at the Internet World conference, Business Week television show, Launch Funding Network conference, The Minority Business Enterprise Center Financial Round Table Forum at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and hosted the first Internet conference through Canada, France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Mr. Arberman has been interviewed in a number of financial and technology articles, receiving citations in the: Financial Post, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Exchange Magazine, Net Innovations, Inter@ctive Week, The Financial Post Magazine, Canadian Business Technology, Bloomberg News, Reuters, Dow Jones, The Advocate, Business GEOgraphic and Brownfield News & Sustainable Development.